We are a fresh, men's style brand based in Toronto and representing our city! The word Catharsis comes from an ancient Greek term used by philosophers of old. It is a term with more than one meaning today, but in essence, it is the purging, release and expression of emotion, usually through Art.

Toronto is a city that lives by this idea; looking at our streets, architecture, our vastly diverse people, even the food--art is integral to our way of life. Creativity is in our blood, our souls!

Our mission at Catharsis Toronto is to help empower people in expressing themselves. Our unique pieces are designed with this in mind; bold, striking and powerful. We created them as an aid, a physical reminder to have belief in yourself and conviction in your actions, a manifestation of your self-confidence. 

We want you to Stand Out: to get your hands out of your pockets, to puff out your chest assertively and live life with your head held high!

Every Man (and woman!) Deserves to live an empowered life. Catharsis, the purging of your fear, doubt and insecurity, the release of the negative feelings you may be holding on to about yourself. That is our goal. If this resonates with you, follow us @catharsistoronto on instagram, and leave your email here. We won't spam you with junk, but may occasionally send you some uplifting, empowering stories of others like you, or let you know when our promotions or live events are happening! We would love to know you.


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