It was for a great passion for T-Shirts that Clash was born. The brand was created for women who find in the tees not only comfort and versatility but also know that with the right T-Shirt you can break the world, live intensely and seek your freedom of style.

During the creation of the brand, we realized that women without fear of being happy, free and open-minded in the world represented some of our best inspirations, real women, complete, self-confident and transforming.

Our line was created for women who express their creativity through their looks, are tuned and look for material with quality and at an affordable price.

When we created Clash we thought of you, an intelligent, creative, free, adventurous, confident and happy woman. That girl who, even with her intense strength and crazy routine, does not forget to have a drink with her friends, dance, discover new cultures, battle for her dreams and live life intensely.

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