Monument Alley is the joint effort of a husband and wife-to-be. She has spent her life making jewelry and taking photographs, and he has spent his life building cool, useful stuff out of random things. Together they love to spend hours roaming antique malls and the streets of Toronto, looking for inspiration for their distinct, vintage-modern projects. The fruits of their latest creative efforts can be found in their TDM stall and on the ‘gram, including: 

⁃ Bracelets and necklaces made from their favourite materials: authentic gemstones and minerals, Swarovski crystal and glass, handmade dichroic glass beads, vintage elements, found materials, and more

⁃ Jewelry stands made from furniture found around Toronto neighbourhoods

⁃ Jewelry stands upcycled from vintage dishes

⁃ Original photography sold in vintage frames 

⁃ Beeswax candles in antique, reusable vessels 

Every item in-store can be found on Instagram with detailed write-ups of gemstone meanings, where items were sourced, and/or how they were made. Tag yourself with your purchases or in the Monument Alley TDM booth for a guaranteed feature on social media! 
Uniquely influenced by many road-trips through the southwest and the colourful alleys of their beloved Toronto neighbourhood, Parkdale, Monument Alley offers eclectic, one-of-a-kind jewelry, organizers, gifts, and home decor to suit every taste and  style. Custom orders accepted!

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