The PleaseNotes line was created for those who are ready to start something new, but might not be sure on what first steps to take.  Grounded in Personal Growth Principles, our goods help you reconnect with your personal power, value your gifts and fuel you to go after what you want.

We cultivate three main tools to success; Confidence, Clarityand Creativity. Our mission is to inspire others to make a difference in their lives by being courageous and stepping into their own personal power.

Our Signature item is the PleaseNotes Journal. Touted as a "Personal Growth Seminar in between two covers", it's perfect for new or experienced Journaler.

The additional items in the line are great reminders that reinforce the change you are making. Surrounding yourself with positive messaging shifts your mood, lowers stress and inspires you into action.

By practicing with our strategic tools, you'll have less stress, more fun, and will create a life you love.

In addition, 10% of our net proceeds always go to organizations that support women in creating their dreams!

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