Wilkes & Bowens is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the celebration of a life well lived. 

Founder Karen Ferguson is a self-confessed design gypsy and Renaissance woman who has always flirted with the world of art, fashion and design in one way or another. However, it was after living in The Caribbean and Paris that she was truly inspired to follow her passion and create Wilkes & Bowens. In creating her designs, Karen focuses on the common elements of quality, fine craftsmanship and a unique style. 

In her own words, “Wilkes & Bowens is a combination of all the things I love most: art, great design, the relaxed elegance of island and Parisian life, creative solutions, good community, and above all a good laugh. Our collections are selected to complement one another and are designed to encourage you to savour and enjoy every aspect of your life and your surroundings. I hope you enjoy shopping the collections as much as I've enjoyed curating them for you”


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