Trunk Shows And Pop-Ups

In addition to our main roster of designers, The Toronto Designers Market provides the opportunity for designers and artist to showcase their collections in one day, monthly or weekend pop-ups. Please check the schedule below to see who will be joining us store in the upcoming months.


This March, in celebration of International Women's Day, we invite you to take a closer look at the female founders currently making waves on the Canadian design and art scene.

March 8-31, 2023

Brand: Ann Ivy Male

In her latest series, Male invites you to look closer at the details found in her art and photography; incorporating birch bark, feathers, rocks, paper nests-she pays homage to nature as the universal artist.

Exhibit Title: Fragile Nature

Marchs 16-18, 2023 

Brand: Avarcas Canada

Avarcas will be doing a 3-day pop up at Toronto Designers Market. It's their first pop up in 3 years! 


The Avarca is the traditional footwear from the island of Menorca, one of the three Balearic Islands of Spain. Originally the footwear of farmers, the resistant design assisted in navigating the rocky terrain of the island while providing comfort and durabiltiy. 

They are made from authentic natural leather with a lightweight rubber sole.  All models conserve the original essence of the Avarcas of Menorca: a shoe dating back over one hundred years, comfortable and resistant, which is rooted in the rural world but which has been reinvented to become an essential fashion staple. 

February 25, 2023 

Brand: London Ivy

London Ivy will be joining us for a special one day pop up on February 25.  You will be able to shop their soaps, skincare products and haircare products.


At London Ivy, we believe in simple beauty rituals. Our mission is to help you achieve clearer skin & healthy, hydrated curls. By using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, we deliver high-performance results.

February 17, 2023 and February 24, 2023

Brand: Kwesiya

Fanny Ngantcheu, the creativedirector of Kwesiya will be doing two separate one day pop ups in store on February 17th and February 24th. A TDM alum and customerfavorite Kwesiya has been featured in several publications and has showcasedher collections at The AGO as well as African Fashion Week.  She will be debuting some of the latestaccessories from the brand and showing you how to style your favourite piece.  Don't miss this opportunity to meet the designer behindthe brand and shop the collection.

February 18, 2023

Brand: Love, Calista

Calista Tanaka, the designer of Love, Calista will be joining us in store store for a one day pop up. This is your opportunity to meet the designer and purchase some of her amazing jewellery pieces! 

Brand: Asili Living

Looking for some amazing skin care products? Then make sure you don't miss Asili Living's one day pop up in store! They have some amazing skincare products that you will love! Asili Living  Co..."where wellness and beauty align."

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