Booth Rental Options

Our market has 2 rental options for booths, 5’x10’ or 5’x5’ both include 3 walls that are 8’ in height and painted white.

5’ x 10’ booths rent for $655/month (include tax) if you’re renting on a month-to-month basis, but first and last month's rent is required (minimum 3 month commitment)

5’ x 5’ booths rent for $435/month (include tax) if you’re renting on a month-to-month basis, but first and last month's rent is required (minimum 3 month commitment)


Want to pay less for your booth? Pay 6 months up front and receive a discount off 5’ x 10’ booths ($600/month include tax) and 5’ x 5’ booths ($370/month include tax) for all 6 months. Simple and easy savings for your business.

How It Works

The way our market works is each vendor is responsible for the set up, aesthetic and restock of their rented booth (essentially it’s your own little shop) however, you do not need to be present on a day-to-day basis to run it during our business hours. All of your product is required to have tags or stickers indicating your initials, booth # and the price of the item. Our staff assist the customer with the sale of your product and each vendor is paid out for their sales at the end of each month. The best part, there is NO commission on sales! As a vendor you make 100% profit on your sales!

To assure the safety of your product, we ask that all “valuables” and small items be securely locked in display cases, which only our staff will have a key to. The customer simply asks to see the product in the specific case and our staff assist them while they try it out. Our #1 focus aside from the promotion of your product is assuring its safety and once you have been selected to be a vendor we will go over all aspects of what you can do to help make that a reality.

Our market is FREE to attend and is open 5 days a week, from Wednesday – Sunday and will be staffed accordingly. Hours of operation will be 11am – 6pm.

The Benefits of Being a Vendor

- Have your own location for customers to be able to purchase your product anytime.

- Have that location be one that you don't need to spend all day hanging out in, freeing up more time to do what you do best, while we handle the sale.

- Have an awesome team of people pushing your brand through social media and our website.

- If you participate in flea markets often, this is an opportunity to not have to keep breaking down and setting up. It was created by one of the owners of the Parkdale Flea and will be heavily promoted through those networks.

- All vendors will have an opportunity to create their own store front window display, in our over 20+ foot window on Queen St W!

- Have complete control over the pricing of your products, offer deals when you want to blow out old stock, put the full retail price in your pocket, and pay no commission on sales when you're a vendor at Toronto Designers Market.

What We're Looking For

The Market wants to help bring exposure and business to designers and young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to turning their passions into careers. We are looking for the ones who are hungry-- eat, sleep and breathe what they are passionate about. Whether it’s custom or reclaimed furniture, clothing, jewellery or a line of your own beauty products, we want to know this isn’t just a hobby for you. We want to know it’s worth our time and energy to help you promote what you love to do.

To apply to be a vendor at our market, please fill out the information below. Thanks!

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