Fashion, Food, Fun! We’re revolutionizing the chili oil world by using healthier oils, simple and clean ingredients. They’re also the world’s first functional chili oils which can be used as condiments as well as for cooking. We’re the winner of Grocery Innovations Canada’s Top 10 in Grocery.

About Garlic Chili Oil Made with Olive Oil

Elevate any dish with the indulgent, one-of-a-kind flavour of CC Garlic Chili Oil.

Irresistibly crafted with just four simple, yet decadent, ingredients, it doesn’t get any better than this. Each jar is brimming with loads of freshly sliced garlic cooked to crispy perfection, earthy, nutty sesame seeds, and crunchy chili peppers for a spicy, yet flavourful, finish—all swimming in full-bodied olive oil for the ultimate taste experience you’ll never want to be without.

About Chili Oil Made with Avocado Oil

Are you allergic to garlic? Meet the world's first chili oil made without garlic, and is made with avocado oil!

Irresistibly crafted with three simple ingredients - less is more. Each jar is brimming with smoky sesame seeds, crunchy chili peppers, finish—all swimming in rich avocado oil for an aroma taste experience you’ll never forget. 

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