Eight50 Coffee is a purpose driven coffee company with deep family coffee roots founded by Muna Mohammed. As a way to continue her own family legacy in coffee and to create an
impact, she launched a coffee company and chose a name that would bear the dates of when coffee was first discovered. Being the granddaughter of a coffee farmer, this was her way to pay homage to the birthplace of coffee and to her own coffee heritage.

Eight50 Coffee’s focus has been to provide responsibly sourced, locally-roasted coffee from around the world. To enhance the home coffee brewing experience through the collection of various products, they offer an array of online coffee learning tools, premium quality coffee equipment and curated hand-crafted artisan textiles that are fair-trade, high quality, meaningful and functional - made in the countries they source coffee from.  

Through community involvement and responsible business practices, Eight50 Coffee is setting out to make a difference in their local communities, while simultaneously supporting the communities around the world that they source their coffees from. 

Each day is a new day to connect with the things that matter most. Through Coffee, they hope you find your Moments of Pause, Joy, Laughter, Tradition, Selfcare, + Beyond .



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