Helena Jones is a Canadian based fashion brand that was founded in 2006 under the name Lococina and launched in 2011. Co-owned and co-operated by two sisters, Helena Jones, and Mila Mumu.

Both women determined to turn their desire for art, exciting imagery, graphic shapes and forms into wearable fashion apparel, jewelry and accessories. All of the products are handcrafted and meticulously sewn/constructed by the boutique's co-owner and designer -Helena Jones. Helena is a true artist by nature, and this fact is inherently reflected in her design works. Helena and Mila each possess distinct skills and talents which combined, has allowed them to launch a business and a brand that is both distinctive and appealing. Helena is the hands and heart of the operations; she is the Creative Director. Mila is the eyes, voice, and face of the operations; she is the Executive Director.

Helena Jones is a Canadian line of high-end women's fashion, accessories and art jewelry. We design and manufacture women's apparel. We offer made to measure services to accommodate a wide-ranging demographic. We're unique in that we offer inimitable and original designs, working with innovative fabrics. We generally produce clothing in small quantities to ensure exclusivity. The Helena Jones woman can feel assured that she'll likely be the only one at an event wearing her unique outfit.

Our brand epitomizes feminine, well-fitting designs created with high-quality natural fabrics that are complemented by unique hand-made jewelry, offering personalized services and giving fashion consultancy/advice upon request and by appointment. Our brands original designs, our attention to detail, innovation and sustainability, has enabled us to build a strong reputation and garner a loyal clientele of professional women that want to have flexible fashion apparel which takes them from the boardroom to a social events; artists that seek extravagance, and are looking for an extra edge in their fashion; mothers who need flexible fashions that require minimal care; brides and bridesmaids who are looking to stand out, and women who are just searching for that extra boost of self-confidence, that can sometimes be delivered from getting 'just the right outfit.' We additionally make specially commissioned wedding collections and special occasion dresses.


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