Monoxide Style

Monoxide is about being who you want to be, not who you should be. Our goal is to create an environment where you feel free to express your authentic style. Take a deep breath with us and jump! We hope you enjoy your stay :)

About Tyler:

I create my pieces from reclaimed and vintage jewelry pieces that I combine with different semi-precious stones and various materials to create one of a kind pieces and short run collections. There is something fascinating about the concept of telling a story visually and about the things that connect us. Using reclaimed pieces allows something that has been discarded by someone else to be modified and create a new connection in the world and tell a new story.

I’m always looking for quality stylish items that are unique and fun and most of all tell a story. If you are like me you will love Monoxide; here you can pick accessories that tell the story of you…your passions, your hopes, your dreams and above all your individual style.

For more information on individual pieces check out the rest of the site and feel free to get in contact for custom orders.

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