Here at Sulli's Garden I wish to deliver to you a sense of calm and happiness with my Herbariums. When you feel sad or tired, I hope they can alleviate your stress and lift up your spirit.

Original definition of Herbarium: a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study.

In Japan "Herbarium" (ハーバリウム) is widely used to call a popular type of interior decoration where flowers are arranged and preserved beautifully in a glass jar or bottle that is filled with specially formulated oil. In this special environment flowers can be observed and enjoyed in their original blooming shape and colours for a longer period of time.

Adding some Herbariums to your home and office has more effects than just decorative. Think of them as healing bottles and visual therapy! I hope through my Herbariums you feel lighter, more cheerful, and more inclined to connect with other people.

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